The origin of Unani system of Medicine is in Greece. This ancient system of natural medicine had been practised since the last 6000 years. At present, globally this system of Medicine has been regenerated rapidly. It has in-depth potential in treating of diseases and disorders through a holistic approach with much less adverse effects. It is officially recognized and practiced throughout Bangladesh, India and Pakistan. Present government of Bangladesh is most friendly to this system of Medicine.

Unani Medicine is based on the basic principles of four humors: Blood, phlegm, yellow bile and black bile. Fire, water, earth and air are the four components of this system. It has greater significance in the treatment and management of diseases like infertility, weight loss, vitiligo, diabetes, kidney stone, obesity, habitual constipation, etc.

To develop this system of Medicine and to bring out skilled professionals, Rawshan Jahan Eastern Medical College and Hospital has opened the department of Unani Medicine in 2008 and offering DUMS (Diploma in Unani Medicine and Surgery) degree to the students.